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The ACYMC will host a small and simple youth ministry expo. Stall space is limited by the venue so please express your interest in hosting an expo stall to Malcolm Hart, Director, Office for Youth at:


The Expo will be around the Auditorium at Rooty Hill RSL. It will begin in the Eastern Foyer and move around corridors in front of the workshop rooms. Morning and afternoon tea will be served amongst the expo holders, maximising exposure.

Costs & Inclusions

Expo stalls will cost $500. Spaces will be simple and will include a single trestle table and two chairs. Registration will include a single full registration (valued at $350) for the Convention, allowing stall holders to participate, have meals and contribute to the Convention.


The ACYMC is a friendly and safe environment. Stall holders are expected to be respectful and friendly to participants. All materials, including banners and stands, must be behind the tables for the safety of attendees. It is at the discretion of the Director of the ACBC Office for Youth to cancel your registration or remove you from the expo if your behaviour or materials are deemed unsuitable. 

By registering for the expo you understand and agree to these conditions.