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Discussion Process

The Australian Catholic Youth Council (ACYC), a national advisory body to the Australian Bishops, will be facilitating a discussion process during ACYMC 2018. This process is focused on listening and learning from local youth ministers to prioritise areas of development and support required in the Australian youth ministry landscape. The process will be held across three discussion times.


#1 The Needs of Young People & Our Ministry

Utilising the Plenary Council listening and discernment process, attendees will be invited to reflect upon their experiences of ministry to highlight the local needs of young people and to identify what gaps exist in our ministryin addressing these needs.

Key Preparation Questions:

What is your local ministry experience of the needs of young people?

What are the gaps in our ministry in meeting these needs?

This discussion will be held in groupings of ministry contexts, including: schools, parish & dioceses, tertiary institutions, religious orders & ecclesial communities, social services & organisations.


#2 Youth Ministry of the Future

A reflection process to dream about future possibilities of Catholic Youth Ministry in Australia.

Key Preparation Questions:

In the future, what could youth engagement look like in the life of the Church?

How do we get there? What is needed for this to occur?


#3 Future Directions

A collection of focus areas will be collated by Australian Catholic Youth Council members with an invitation to join with pther like-minded ministers to further discuss and work to address areas of development.

Key Preparation Question:

Would you be willing to work collaboratively with a small group of peers to address gaps in the Australian Youth Ministry Landscape? If so, in what area and in what way?

This discussion will be held in both context cohorts and inter community settings.