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Steering  Committee

To assist with the coordination of the Convention, the ACYC and the Hosting Diocese establish a Local Organising Committee (LOC) to:

  • discuss and plan the particulars of the ACYMC in light of the Purpose, Target Audience and Convention Elements outlined in the Operations Manual.
  • provide the ACYC with regular reports on the work of the LOC and recommendations concerning the planning and operations of the ACYMC.
  • liaise with local church agencies and bodies responsible for youth ministry, education and evangelisation.
  • assist with the implementation of the ACYMC by taking on small tasks and/or areas of coordination if required.
  • work through and further develop the Implementation plan outlined in the ACYMC Operations Manual.
  • identify and coordinate any additional bodies required for the successful operation of the ACYMC e.g liturgy team and rally team.

The members of the ACYMC 2018 Steering Committees include:

  • Malcolm Hart (ACBC)
  • Cassandra Bull (SVDP, ACYC)
  • James Camden (CYP)
  • Sr Rosie Drum (CYP)
  • Qwayne Guevara (CYP)
  • Adrian Middeldorp (Diocesan Communications)
  • Karina Anthony (CEDP REC & Diocesan Youth Council)
  • Brad Vergano (Parish Youth Minister)
  • Briony Mowbray (CEDP REC)
  • Scott Carroll (CEDP Mission Team)
  • Tanya Quinn (Diocesan Ministry Centre) - Admin/Minute-taking support